«Trust us to manage your landscape and garden»

Garden Study

The first stage out of a sequence of actions for your garden's construction is to study your exterior space.

Garden Construction

In Antonis Garden we have a specialized staff that undertakes the construction and configuration of your garden, by choosing the appropriate plants, the irrigation system installation or repair, the laying of ready lawn, the lawn sowing, adding soil and soil conditioners, planting, plant fertilization, the protection and care of your plants.

Garden Renovation

Almost every problem has a solution. In Antonis Garden we responsibly undertake the renovation and remodeling of your exterior space.

Garden Maintenance

The proper maintenance of a garden is a procedure that needs time, knowledge and the appropriate tools. In Antonis Garden we have succeeded, other than constructing, to also maintain more than 100 square meter lawn and landscape. Our team, consisting of agriculturists and experienced gardeners, guarantees the protection and care of your garden, as well as your garden's excellent appearance offering high level services and specifications.

Advantages of choosing the specialized team of Antonis Garden Center for the maintenance of your professional landscape:


A) Saving in total cost

  • Labor cost savings
  • Saving cost of purchasing machinery and tools
  • Fuel savings
  • Machinery maintenance savings
  • Pesticide cost savings
  • Save fertilizer costs
  • Water saving due to its correct and rational use
  • Invoiced services
  • You have a specific landscape maintenance budget.
  • The administrative staff and conservators are not responsible for the garden any more.


B) Better Results

  • The garden is taken cared of permanently
  • Early diagnosis of diseases and problems
  • We study the improvement of your garden's appearance and make the appropriate interventions, after consultation
  • The work is performed in a limited time and specific hours
  • We use machinery with the latest technology and they are in good condition to achieve a better result with less pollutants and noise
  • A certified agronomist supervises the work in order to make rational use of fertilizers and pesticides as required by law
  • Immediate troubleshooting and reconstruction of the area where work has been done in order to fix the problem